What Are The Types Of Food That Cause Irritation To The Stomach

Food is what keeps every species in this world moving daily, most especially to us humans. Its components provide energy to our body and keep us healthy. However, not all types of food are healthy when consumed regularly or numerously. Food that are unhealthy may affect some parts in body causing damages. People tend to go eat those that are easy to buy such as fast food and those that satisfies their cravings such as sweets.

Too much of something is never a good thing and this applies when consuming certain types of foods also. Sometimes, these foods can affect other organs in the digestive system which can lead to removal of such organ. People who suffer digestive disorders may have to cut down the consumption of foods to prevent further irritation or pain. Examples would be coffee, spicy foods, fried food and overly seasoned foods.

To avoid getting sick, healthy foods are the best alternatives. However, one must consider ample amount of consumption as there are still negative effects to these types of food.

Fruits are delicious and healthy for our body if eaten in good amounts. There are nutrients in a fruit, however, each fruit has different levels of sugar that is why consuming this healthy food still needs to be monitored. Natural sugar called fructose is processed in only in the liver and cannot provide energy to the body. Consuming high levels of fructose can affect the liver. Fruits that have high fructose level include mangoes, bananas and pineapples. Eating fruits is good for our body but it should be eaten in small amounts daily, especially the tropical fruits with high sugar content.

There is a wide range of vegetables that all of us can choose from. You can get a lot of vitamins, as well as minerals in all types of vegetables. Vegetables are good for digestion as it contains fibers. Eating vegetables alone will not make you feel satiated. Vegetables can satisfy you only if you eat it in large amounts and eat it with foods of another type.

Another type is certainly not for everybody. Spicy foods are tasty only to some people. Spicy foods can cause irritation to the stomach, however, these also have some health benefits. Spicy foods can help you lose weight, prevent heart diseases and prevent cancer. For people who suffer an upset stomach, eating a bland diet can get boring. A solution is to let the stomach rest and slowly add spices to the food.

There are people who experience IBS, which is a chronic disorder of the digestive system. The cause of this is the over consumption of the mentioned food above, whether the healthy or unhealthy type. An effective solution is to consume the best probiotics for IBS. The purpose of consuming probiotics is to supplement the gut’s normal bacteria and help relieve various symptoms caused by irritable bowel syndrome. There are health benefits probiotics for IBS provide and this is due to the adequate number of bacteria it consists.