Teeth are one part of the long-awaited baby’s growth and development. Many parents believe one way to check for teething babies is by pressing the baby’s gums. In addition, babies usually also show their new habits of biting and chewing toys or teether when they start teething.

How old do babies start teething?

The average baby is teething when he is 6 months old. However, there are also babies who experience tooth growth faster or even slower than that age. Gradually the baby’s teeth begin to form at the age of 3 months, then grow at the age of 6 months. At the age of 3 years generally, the number of new baby teeth can be complete, 20 milk teeth.

Do You Need To Use Teether To Support Baby Teeth Growth?

Using Amber teething necklace is very important for baby tooth growth. Remembering this is one of the golden moments of a baby. Because the baby will feel the gums itchy and painful Because pressed by the teeth that will appear, then the teether can help overcome this. By biting teether, the baby will feel more comfortable. Teether can also help babies learn to train their motor nerves by grasping, you know, Moms.

How To Determine Teether That Is Good For Babies?

With so many choices of teether on the market, Moms certainly must make careful consideration in order to be able to choose the most suitable baby, according to personal criteria of Moms. In addition, maintaining a baby’s health is definitely the most important task that Moms must always do. Therefore, when choosing teether for baby Moms it is also very necessary to pay attention:

  • Choose teether variations that are really safe for the baby because this tool will later enter the baby’s mouth
  • Only use teether that is not colored using toxic
  • Never buy used teether. Consider carefully to buy new teether for babies. There are so many safety and security standards for baby toys that must have changed over the years. Especially for toys like teether that enter the baby’s mouth. As well as materials designed specifically for babies without the slightest exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Don’t forget to clean teether with hot water or special cleaning fluid. Or Moms can also use sterile tools to clean teether from germs.
  • Teether containing a gel will give a cooler sensation to the baby’s gums, than containing water.

Well, now Moms can begin to consider buying teether if the baby is starting to show symptoms of teething. Don’t forget to share stories about the experience of using teether for babies through the comments column provided below, Moms. Good luck!