Stress is a vital problem in the hectic lifestyle of modern society where people need to chase continuously for getting success in all fields of life. People face stress both in their professional and personal life, which definitely has an adverse effect on their health as well. The increased stress also mentally affects the people, decreasing their concentration and cognitive powers, which may create a setback in their professional careers. Hence, it is essential to lessen the burden of stress in life, by adopting some fruitful measures.

Few definite identifying symptoms of stress in affected people

It is not easy to diagnose the symptoms of stress; as it exerts different effects on the physical and emotional conditions of the affected people. They may become easily irritated by minor issues, show signs of depression and like to cut off from the usual social life. These people find it hard to relax even at leisure time and feel very lonely. The stressed people also fail to concentrate on any task, forget even vital matters and suffer from anxiety all the time.

Physically, they may feel fatigued and suffer from insomnia, stomach upsets, chest pain, muscle aches, dryness of the mouth, and unreasonable nervousness, due to the action of severe stress. Some people adopt the habits of smoking or drinking or overeating, to get relief from stress in vain, leading to worse consequences. When one or multiple of these symptoms invade the normal life, it is better to consult a physician and act according to his advice for diminishing the ill effects of stress in life.

Notable actions that can be adopted for stress management

  • The habit of regular exercise is very useful for managing the stress, as these workout regimes for minimum 20 – 30 minutes can provide the required relief from stress instantly. So the doctors recommend the physical exercises, like walking briskly, swimming, or jogging daily in the early morning or evening to use up the extra stress hormones in the body, thus soothing the minds and nerves of the people.
  • The meditation and breathing exercises are also very effective in providing huge relief from the stress. The affected people need only spend approximately 10 minutes from their busy schedules for doing these nerve-soothing exercises every day. It is seen that the people start feeling good instantly after meditating even for 5 minutes.
  • The main cause of the stress in life should be identified and then it is better to take some breaks at regular intervals from that specific stress factor. It is better to move away from that stress factor and spend some time just listening to calm music, or watching the beauty of nature, or simply spending time in the peaceful atmosphere of the prayer room.
  • The consumption of the food products containing alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine should be avoided. These three ingredients act as the stimulants for the stress hormones in the body, thus boost the stress level to a riskier point. Hence, it is better to avoid drinking alcoholic drinks, coffee, and tea, as well as quit the habit of smoking, for getting relief from stress.
  • The free time for relaxation is very important for the treatment of stress, for which everyone needs to keep some time free from his/her regular works when he/she can enjoy in own chosen manner. They may pursue their hobbies, like singing, drawing, reading storybooks, watching enjoyable movies, doing any creative work, solving crossword puzzles or playing an indoor game in their leisure time.
  • The laughter is known to be the greatest stress-buster and thus, it is recommended to read jokes or humorous storybooks, watch comedy films and listen to funny songs at the leisure time. People may call up or meet their friends and spend some time chatting with them so that they may feel relaxed and happy, as well as can laugh together.
  • The work-related stress should be handled carefully by taking up only the assignments that can be finished in time, without facing any stress for completing those tasks. It is better to maintain a diary in which the timetable for all the works with their allotted time should be noted and followed diligently. The proper time management and taking control of the workloads help a lot in bringing down the stress level.


All these useful techniques, along with adequate rest and healthy foods can provide great relief from the stress in life.