If you want to lose weight the easiest way, below is how to:

Eat Spicy Foods – According to research, foods such as chili, pepper and certain spices like Cinnamon can increase your metabolic rate.

But, what if you want to lose weight without exercise? You still can.

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NEAT Results:

NEAT stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This basically means the calories you burn through everyday life.

Every activity you perform whether it is lifting a kettle or walking to the toilet has a NEAT value. The trick is to find ways to increase your daily NEAT value by making small changes. For instance, sitting down burns 79 calories per hour whereas standing burns 89 calories per hour. So, if you travel by subway for half an hour each day then why not stand on your journey and you will increase your NEAT value.

Okay, so 10 calories extra burnt each day is a small number but if you combine that with a few other minor changes you can quickly add up a couple of hundred extra calories burnt each day. Over a week, this will add up to over a thousand extra calories burnt.

You can see how very quickly, without changing your diet or effectively taking any exercise, you will be burning those extra calories each week. If you combine this with a boost to your metabolism then you could be increasing your weekly NEAT total by thousands!

This is one of the best methods for people who want to know how to lose weight fast. NEAT method is among food methods for people who want to know how to lose weight fast without exercise.

Eating is a two part story. What we eat is the ingestion but the other half is digestion. If we don’t allow our body to digest our food properly then it will do the only thing possible and that is to store it.

There also is a guide that tells you how to eat to lose weight.

To aid the body’s digestion, try these simple tips on how to lose weight fast:

Chew – chewing food not only allows our stomach to break down the food more easily but it also allows our brain the time to register when we are full. If you can take longer over a meal then you may find that by the time you reach the end you are simply not hungry enough to finish it.

Leave Food – Get used to leaving a small amount of food on your plate at the end of meal. It’s not wasteful if its only a small amount but this small act can do wonders for your mind-set. We have all been brought up to clear our plates but often we do this even after we have filled up and as a result we pile on extra pounds.

Sit Down – sitting down whilst eating aids digestion enormously but try not to do this on a sofa or slumped at a table. Keep good posture and take the time to eat at a table with family or friends.

Relax – After you have eaten, your body is still digesting so avoid any physical exercise for at least half an hour after eating.