I should not eat ice, but I do. My doctor even checked me for low iron, because it is a common thing to eat ice when your iron is low. It has not been friendly to my teeth. I eat the crushed ice that is left over after I finish my diet fountain drinks or diet drinks at home. I just really enjoy the cold feeling and the crunch. When the crunch turned to pain, I headed to a Highlands Ranch dentist to find out what I did. I figured I cracked a tooth. That was the warning I kept hearing from everyone about my ice eating habits. I figured it was either that or a big chip got knocked out. I could feel a problem when I ran my tongue over the tooth surface. I even tried taking a picture with my phone. I was in the bathroom with my phone in my mouth when a coworker walked in. He said he had heard of selfies, but this was going way too far.

The dentist told me I knocked out a resin filling. I was admonished again to not eat ice, but at least I got the filling replaced. I did take it easy for a few days with the ice. I would stop for drinks where they got that snow ice that is finely crushed. Hey, at least I don’t smoke! I had actually forgotten that I even had a filling in that tooth. I thought I broke off a piece of it. I am impressed with the new filling though. It matches the color of my teeth perfectly, and you cannot even tell it is there when I smile. The dentist told me I could get my amalgam fillings replaced with the new resins that are better. I have always wanted to be able to laugh and not have anyone see silver fillings in my teeth.