Most of us make some kind of special concessions to maintain a healthy body on a regular basis, which is usually expressed in terms of commitment to keeping your diet (diet) is good as well as perform sports activities that support these efforts. Both were conceived as a way to take responsibility for the body and to meet what our bodies need.

But, when it was transferred to the mental health, it must be admitted there is little treat or apply the same concept. It seems that many of us are ignoring the mental health and mental care not consider that necessary. Of course this is the wrong attitude because, as the body’s health, way of life and the way you treat yourself also have a major influence on the emotional and psychological health. Understanding this will take away from a variety of disorders or mental illness and make your stay happy and free from the pressure (stress).For more information you can visit

Here we will see some points tips that you can apply in everyday life for the sake of your mental health. The focus is on daily routine and a healthy lifestyle.

Dietary habit

As the main point, it is important to understand that diet has a great effect not only to the body, but also mentally. Your brain works by using energy, just like muscles. So make sure to get your intake of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids, and fluids in sufficient quantities. It is also important to pay attention to things that can disrupt even damage brain health such as alcohol and cigarettes, which can lead to various diseases such as Alzheimer’s and stroke.


Self-socialization not only important to improve your mood and keep yourself happy, but also improve mental health and overall body.

Isolation or alienation from the outside world can cause a variety of disorders, such as those referred to by the term fever cabin (cabin fever, which inspire the film The Shining) and delusion Cotard (Cotard’s delusion; Cotard Syndrome, Walking Corpse Syndrome) – a condition or mental disorder where people believe that every person she knew had been replaced by a replica or has actually switched off.

Meet with others will keep your positive perspective on life and remain in reality. Meanwhile laugh and be friendly can help the body to produce and release positive hormones.


Sleep is not only important for the body to rejuvenate (restore the body into a fit condition) and repair a variety of injuries, but also good for brain health.

Several studies have shown that our brains define and regulate memory and ideas when we sleep. Without going through the condition or REM periods, we may experience delusions (delusional) and can even lead to death.

Do not underestimate a nap, if you are not sleeping at night. Napping has a myriad of benefits if done right.