Pickleball is a phenomenon, with people all over the United States and elsewhere in the world now enjoying this especially accessible, exciting activity. The sport got its start when an enterprising family on Bainbridge Island put a simple Wiffle ball in play across a lowered badminton net. Over the course of the fifty-plus years since, it has grown to include national championships, while still retaining its homey, humble charm.

Part of the reason for the steady growth of the sport has been the excellent job equipment manufacturers have done of catering to the needs of players. By offering everything required to enjoy pickleball to the fullest, companies like wolfe sports are helping the sport grow even more.

A Simple Sport That Benefits from Great Equipment

Given that pickleball got its start as a sport pieced together using equipment meant for several others, it might be thought that getting started would be easy. In fact, getting set up for pickleball has become simpler than ever before. All that will be required, in most cases, will be:

  • A suitable net for players to hit the ball back and forth across. Some families make do with badminton nets that have been lowered to an appropriate height. More serious pickleball players often find that it makes sense to invest in a net designed specifically for the sport. These will typically be designed to be set up and removed quickly and easily, while also frequently incorporating features like freestanding posts and tensioning systems.
  • A paddle for each player who wishes to play. The most basic paddles used for pickleball today are simple, affordable wooden affairs that resemble those first employed in the sport. Paddles like this will generally be all that beginners and intermediates need to enjoy the sport to the fullest. More advanced players, on the other hand, often find it worthwhile to invest in paddles made from materials like carbon fiber and the like.
  • A pickleball to actually play the game with. Whether by using a widely available Wiffle ball or one made specifically for the sport, players need access to a lightweight ball with holes that help keep speeds down.

With all of these kinds of equipment now being widely available at affordable prices, getting started with pickleball has never been easier. Companies that offer gear for the sport are therefore helping it grow even more.